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    Nothing beats being on your bike or in the snow with your friends.

    That sense of adventure, freedom and fun always makes us smile from the inside out. Plus you get to talk about loads of different stuff, like women's outdoor gear. 

    Nancy grew from a desire to make things we wanted to wear. Beautiful, useful gear that looks and feels great on your bike and in the snow. We want to push traditional boundaries and have fun. A little like how being in the outdoors makes us feel. We also want to help make this world better. That’s why we give part of our profits to some really great causes.

    Based in Nelson, New Zealand, we're inspired by gorgeous patterns, cool streetwear and awesome trails. Wherever possible we use sustainable fabrics and manufacturing processes. After all, we love having crystal clear rivers, pristine forests and some of the world’s best riding at our back door.  

    We hope you enjoy wearing our stuff. There’s no one quite like Nancy!